Dekoh a new platform for RIA on the desktop announced today

Press Release | San Jose, CA. | February 21, 2007.

Pramati announces Dekoh, a new desktop platform for applications that can deliver integrated experience of web and desktop

Out-of-the-box the platform provides web 2.0 features like tagging, sharing and commenting features. Soon to follow the release will be Dekoh personal media applications.

Pramati Technologies today announces its plan to launch Dekoh a new platform for applications that bring an integrated experience of the web and the desktop.

So far Desktop applications and web applications were built and deployed as silos. Desktop applications are usually written OS specific and offer richer user interface. Web applications are accessed through web browsers. They require Internet connectivity and user data uploaded or saved on websites. Collaborating and sharing data is easy in web applications.

Dekoh brings the unique benefits of desktop and web together. Dekoh platform consists of Dekoh Desktop and Dekoh Network.

Dekoh Desktop is a small footprint download that can be installed on user’s desktop in a single click. Dekoh Desktop includes a web server on which applications written using open standards like JSP, Ajax, DHTML, Flash can be deployed and accessed thru a web browser. Applications deployed on Dekoh Desktop are automatically enabled for web 2.0 functions like tagging, sharing, commenting, rating, etc.

Dekoh Network allows controlled sharing of applications or content on the web. A user can share application/content on his or her desktop with a buddy, who can go to and access it. The key thing to note is that the user is not required to upload different kind of content to different websites. Instead, the shared content and applications remain on the desktop and are served from there.

Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati says, “Dekoh bridges the big divide between Desktop and the Web. Using browser-based applications seamlessly when offline or online is a compelling value. Writing desktop applications using the same web standards like Java™, AJAX, DHTML, Flash, and PHP is exciting for developers”.

Initial release of Dekoh will include the platform and media applications for Photos and Music. An alpha release of Dekoh is expected in a few weeks. A public beta is expected in April of this year. Dekoh software will be free and open sourced. It will available at

Vijay Pullur
San Jose, CA
Tel – (408) 435 2700
Fax – (408) 435 2703
Email – vijay(at)
Web –

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  2. rajAT said

    Congrats on the launch.
    I am myself a believer of connected desktop apps.
    2 reasons

    1) Data getting locked with someone is nt gud.
    2) when no internet or slow internet difficult to see ur own data. its quite frustrating.

    Wishing all success to the dekoh team.

  3. What a great new toolset to work with. Web 2.0 on the move!

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