Architecture of a Desktop RIA platform

There are many pieces to the puzzle of building an integrated desktop and web application platform. Ted has interesting posting today on this and Ryan has also commented on it.

Here is my opinion on what the architecture of such a platform could be and approaches taken by Dekoh and Apollo (from Adobe).

1. Cross-OS base: Required to run the same application software on multiple OS platforms. Adobe has picked Flex/Flash runtime and Dekoh is built on Java runtime. More here on why a RIA envinronment should be cross-platform.

2. Common desktop-web UI: Pure web and desktop-web hybrid applications
should be rendered using same UI elements. Adobe has integrated a browser built with Webkit. Dekoh lets you use your favorite browser to view both type applications.

3. Application model and choice of languages: The core of the application (‘application/business logic’) needs wide range of services (application model). Apollo provides Apollo runtime and programming using Flex or ActionScript for this. Dekoh applications can be written using JSP, Servlet or simply plain Java. Other engines like .Net or PHP may also be used through thin connectivity layer such as Java-COM bridge or PHP-bridge.

4. Platform Integration services: Providing a secure environment for applications and native services integration (like desktop icons, system tray…) is essential for applications running on the desktop. Adobe is doing this with Apollo services. On Dekoh this can be done through java wrappers like JDIC or native calls.

5. Community services. Since most hybrid application could be building on user-generated content, platform support for social networking could make application development easier. Apollo does not look to be providing this support, but Dekoh Network and web2.0 kind of facilities of Dekoh Desktop, provide community services to applications.

A technical comparison is posted on Dekoh website.

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  1. […] Pullor, one of the founders of Pramati, posted about Dekoh, ther Java based RIA technology. I have to confess to a large degree of skepticism […]

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