Dekoh Photos screencast

I made my first attempt at recording a video! The demo shows Dekoh photos application features. This is a AJAX application running on the desktop. Some highlights:

1. Tagging, commenting, sharing features come as part of the platform, it is not coded in the photos application. Dekoh portal API and widgets are used to get this functionality into the Photos application

2. The personal server running on the desktop is bound to local port. No one can connect to your desktop from anywhere directly, even if you had a public IP address, opened all ports or had another machine on the same subnet. So it is fully secure.

3. Front end is Javascript and AJAX. Backend is Servlet/JSP/Java.  Application size is about 2mb to download and on disk after install about 4mb.

4. Tagging saves tags onto the picture IPTC/EXIF block. So if you upload the picture to Flickr, you can still see the tags.

5. Unlike a traditional web based application, you can see that Photos application has access to local filesystem (see import feature, tag/meta data editing).

6. Photos application runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. On IE, Firefox and Safari browsers. I heard there are some browser issues on Linux at this point.

Feedback/Suggestions/Comments welcome :).


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