Evolution of Dekoh idea

Jay Fortner wrote this article  on Read/Write web.  One observation he made was “…makes it hard to describe what Dekoh is in a sentence”. He is probably right to some extent because Dekoh offers several different things, at a first glance it appears it is doing too many things. That got me thinking about how Dekoh evolved…..Here is the story.

In middle of 2005, few of us at Pramati were discussing about development skills needed for desktop applications development and web applications development. We started to think why should it be so different? How about creating something to merge the two. Chandru played a prank, he created a one-page brochure (pdf) of a product called “Butterfly” that did everything we were thinking and sent it the next day to Jay (CEO). That was the first seed of Dekoh. We made a quick prototype (project codenamed Butterfly)….and story continues. Now coming to the point of one sentence description…

The problem statement we started with was a single sentence “Creating platform to provide seamless user experience for desktop and web applications”. This is stated in the press release. Now, trying to create the platform required bringing the best features of desktop and web together which people are used to, I have explained it in this post. When you try to create a platform, it needs to be beaten up by developers to put the right features in and make sure it is usable. We don’t have the luxury of existing developer base as Adobe, nor can we convince ebay to try our platform before it is popular. So we started eating our own dog food and started writing applications (like photos, music, books, calendar…). Another reason to write such elaborate applications rather than eye candy demos is to make it usable to end users. I am sure developers who adopt Dekoh will come up with smarter and cooler applications, but for initial users Dekoh applications are very compelling.


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