Dekoh announces public alpha at Web 2.0 Expo

Dekoh is starting public alpha program to get feedback from larger community.

We are very excited to show to people at the Web2.0 Expo (San Francisco) starting tomorrow. If you are at the show, drop by at booth number 330 for a demo or discussion with us.

Here is a quick look at the applications we will be demoing.

[rockyou id=64416942&w=426&h=320]

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  1. Karabi said


    I like your product and I would like to appreciate Vijay in making us understand (via the blog) some of the queries. We are doing things not exactly similar but creating a platform – p2p model complete with a ‘Neural’ database to solve the problem of unstructured data and come up with a development platform for the developers.

    you can chk us out at


  2. jaypullur said

    Dekoh bundles Apache Derby database. It is SQL based and can be accessed through standard Java API, which many programmers are familiar. We also bundle the Glassfish JPA for easy mapping of Java classes to tables. However, a neat browser-based UI for creating simple CRUD apps on the desktop could be very useful for PC users. May be someone from the open-source or Java community could come forward to build one.

  3. Karabi said

    The Brainwave Platform is a database driven application development platform that comes with a rich templating engine, an application server, a web services protocol, a BPM engine, apart from the inbuilt, integrated database.

    Most of the application development frameworks solves the problem of coming up with software solutions from templating or deployment perspective. However, the real barrier to come up with RIA or solve enterprise application integration issue is ‘schema’ wherein we limit the nature of data to be defined. The Brainwave Platform is a step towards solving the issue of EAI and enable us in coming up with application rapidly by offering a ‘Neural’ database wherein the programmers are not required to define any data model. Because the database is neural in architecture and act as a universal repository of data, the developers can now skip a whole step in structuring the database while developing their applications.

    Technologies like SOA/ESB are used to merge data that become clustered ‘silos’ in most of the enterprise applications. But, what needs to be realized is that due to strict schemas that are imposed on the nature of data integration of these data silos is a herculean task. So, what if the application development vendors can create applications without having to bother about the data model? So for example today if a CRM solution is developed for a enteprise and tomorow a HRM solution needs to be developed, the enterprise can actually choose different vendors with domain specific knowledge without having to restrict themselves to one vendor. Also the vendors are not restricted by each others’ design decisions to come up with different applications for the same enterprise, working on the same data.

    Bundled with a rich library of widgets (Aphrodite), application server (Iris) the platform does enable rapid application development. Further, the platform is developed using Python that has its own advantages. Commercial version will be soon launched and the product is free to the developer community. Most of the platform components will be open sourced except the data base part that is patent pending.

    So, an application development framework that comes with a ‘schema less’ database is the product which Brainwave is offering to the community. Check it out and give a feedback.

    Thanks and regards,

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