Think before you move all your data online

I am not referring to privacy concerns or worries about what kind of analytics and user behaviour information social networking websites extract from your data and interactions on their site.

This month there has been several events that has occurred on some popular photo, music sharing websites. Recent one being Zoomr is down for a week. Earlier in the month Yahoo Photos announced closure of their service. Images check in but they don’t check out of Yahoo Photos!!? Another news this month was about Imeem’s future being uncertain.

While it is cool to share and socialize on websites, it is still not time for doing away with the desktop and keeping everything on the web.


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  1. Thomas said

    This is an excellent point – at this time continued access to web-based content just isn’t guaranteed.
    There isn’t a guarantee that you will be able to access the Internet, or that the site you want access to is available.
    This is one of the biggest reasons, I look forward to integrated desktop application with easy web-based collaboration. When you are online, the application synchronizes date, behind the scenes, and when you are offline, you are able to work locally.
    The big trick is that all this needs to happen seamlessly for the user. If this configuration is difficult, it will be hard to get mainstream users to adopt the technology.

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