Examples of 2 RIA approaches

Here are 2 examples of Rich Internet Applications:

eBay San Dimas Project: Provides offline functionality for eBay. Can create desktop alerts for eBay bids. Written using Adobe Apollo platform.

Dekoh Calendar: Is a desktop counterpart to Google Calendar. Allows creating desktop reminders and audio alerts for Google calendar events. Works offline and syncs events next time connected. Written using Dekoh platform.

Functionality offered by both the above is similar. Both applications can be accessed in an airplane (no internet connection) The big difference is in the way user interface is rendered. eBay application is run like a native desktop application outside the browser. Dekoh calendar is accessed from the browser.

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  1. deans4j said

    So what’s your point here? are you trying to say Dekoh approach is some kind better than eBay approach? or vise versa?

    What are the pros and cons of each approach in your opinion?


  2. Vijay said

    Which approach is better depends on personal choice I guess. If you want web applications to run outside the browser (more like desktop application) Apollo approach would look better. If you think browser is more natural choice to use for an offline/installed web-desktop application Dekoh approach is better.

    However, considering all San Dimas ebay desktop application users are http://www.ebay.com users, it sounds little uncomfortable to open 2 separate client applications for accessing ebay on the web and desktop. Dekoh approach is more integrated and provides seamless user experience on web and desktop.


  3. mahadevan said

    Hi Vijay,

    I like what you are attempting to do here. i.e: make the browser a single interface point both online and offline activities and hopefully make the userx a lot more seamless than it is currently. You have taken on a big task…wish you all the best.


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