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Desktop integration increases user interaction

An active internet user may voluntarily visit up to 15 websites like email, social networks, shopping sites, online banking etc. However, the number of services and interests of a person is much higher. Typically, what gets attention and a visit to a web site is the current interest (momentary). The reason why it is difficult to get a daily dose of all interests on the web is because, web works in a request-response mode. You type a URL or click on a link to visit the website and access the services. The moment you close the browser or go to a different site, there is no way the website can interact with you.

Desktop integration helps websites and consumer brands increase interaction with the user and offer valuable and timely alerts that can benefit the user. As long as the user has control on receiving such alerts and these widgets don’t mess up the computer (desktop icon, startup program, tray icon etc.), it serves a great purpose for the user. These widgets act as agents on behalf of the user to filter content and bring useful information periodically.
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