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Java-driven Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is catching on very well. It is easy to appreciate the need to have an integrated desktop – web experience for all the good things such applications can bring.

However, in building RIA, two things from the web development experience become important:

  1. Being cross-platform and not to exclude anyone (as the web does not do it)
  2. Refactor and reuse what exists (skills, programming/deployment models, code-base, tools, and more)

With the kind of popularity enjoyed by Java and related open-source products makes us to think that Java-driven RIA may just be the best way to go. RIA platform like Dekoh combine many familiar technologies, products, API, making it easier for web developers to address desktop oppportunities with ease.

Those of you who will be at JavaOne in the next few days, are welcome to come and see Dekoh at Pramati Technologies booth #812 (right at the entrace, just after Intel).

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Adobe’s love and hate for browsers

Adobe has 2 of the most popular browser plugins (see Common plugins for Firefox). Flash is by far the best way to deliver multi-media content to web users because of 2 reasons.
1. Same user experience on all platforms and browsers
2. Ability to stream

Flash Player Penetration is 98% of Internet viewers. This is great for any software! Adobe loves browsers.

Then why did Adobe choose to write Apollo outside the browser? Which clearly puts them On A Collision Course With Web Browsers. Here is why Adobe hates browsers:

From a end user perspective Flash has remained at (in)famous “skip intro” on web sites or as a media player to watch videos or listen to music inside the browser. Flash is not as popular for writing web applications as AJAX is.

The main reason for this is the “back button” in the browsers. Hitting the back button unloads the Flash application losing the application context and any interim session data.

Back button is one of the most used features in browsers. It is hard to change user behavior. This has restricted Flash usage to just media delivery on the web. This I suspect is also the reason why Apollo did not leverage existing browser plugin installations, instead decided to keep it outside the browser chrome.

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