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Web 2.0 Expo, interactions were excellent

Today we ended the Web 2.0 Expo at San Francisco with a great feeling.

For Dekoh this show was an important milestone, the unveiling of the product to the public for the first time. We reached a thousand downloads on just the first day.

The feedback and interactions with a wide cross-section of people was very useful and were happy about the positive reception the product received. People who dropped by our booth and saw the demo included bloggers, techies, university students, media people, analysts, critics, social networking fans and of course the co-exhibitors at the expo.

Ryan Stewart dropped in to check out our demo and we had the live UStream TV interview with Robert Scoble.

The size of the show was phenomenal. I don’t know the official count, but should be close to 10,000. Web 2.0 is thriving!


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Evolution of Dekoh idea

Jay Fortner wrote this article  on Read/Write web.  One observation he made was “…makes it hard to describe what Dekoh is in a sentence”. He is probably right to some extent because Dekoh offers several different things, at a first glance it appears it is doing too many things. That got me thinking about how Dekoh evolved…..Here is the story.

In middle of 2005, few of us at Pramati were discussing about development skills needed for desktop applications development and web applications development. We started to think why should it be so different? How about creating something to merge the two. Chandru played a prank, he created a one-page brochure (pdf) of a product called “Butterfly” that did everything we were thinking and sent it the next day to Jay (CEO). That was the first seed of Dekoh. We made a quick prototype (project codenamed Butterfly)….and story continues. Now coming to the point of one sentence description…

The problem statement we started with was a single sentence “Creating platform to provide seamless user experience for desktop and web applications”. This is stated in the press release. Now, trying to create the platform required bringing the best features of desktop and web together which people are used to, I have explained it in this post. When you try to create a platform, it needs to be beaten up by developers to put the right features in and make sure it is usable. We don’t have the luxury of existing developer base as Adobe, nor can we convince ebay to try our platform before it is popular. So we started eating our own dog food and started writing applications (like photos, music, books, calendar…). Another reason to write such elaborate applications rather than eye candy demos is to make it usable to end users. I am sure developers who adopt Dekoh will come up with smarter and cooler applications, but for initial users Dekoh applications are very compelling.

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Bringing the best of Desktop and Web together

The main idea of Dekoh is to bring the best of features on Desktop and Web to end users and developers. Jay in his presentation had a nice slide that captures this.

Best of Desktop and Web

Here is a brief description:

Universal Data: Applications can blend data on their file system with data on the web (website APIs) in their applications.

Control over sharing: While desktop is a fully private environment, the concept of social web is community based sharing. Dekoh desktop applications can be shared thru Dekoh Network. It is your private network.

Benefits of a hosted application: Desktop applications are self contained and rich in user interface (also easy to install and manage). Deploying and managing web applications is a little geeky job (folks in enterprise software world know this, the reason why SaaS model is becoming popular). Dekoh camouflages all the complexity. Installing and running Dekoh desktop and applications is just a one-click operation. It is totally end consumer usable.

Bringing web 2.0 to desktop: Use your personal media (photos, music, video, blogs, books….) and collaborate with your personal network. Run your web applications on the desktop

Developer friendly: Dekoh is based on open standards and is an open source platform. Developers with wide ranging skills like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Java, JSP/Servlet, PHP, .Net can write applications on their desktop and share it over the web securely (Read FAQ). More exited? participate in Dekoh development by joining the Dekoh community

End user applications: End consumers can install Dekoh Applications and organize their personal media and share it with their personal network.

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Flash application on Dekoh

Yesterday, a few people asked me about running flash applications on Dekoh. We are working on a music organizing/streaming application which is a flash application. We only have a preview of screen shots now. In the meantime I created a small video of the dashboard that also uses XML-HTTP from Flash.

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Call for budding entrepreneurs in India

dreamzhunt The culture of entrepreneurship and startups has started blooming in India again. This is very good considering the brain power the country carries. I came across “dreamzhunt” a new ideas contest for technoprenuers in India. The submissions are already open. Check out if this is for you.

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Dekoh got Techcrunched

TechCrunch logo

Ryan Stewart did a quick preview of Dekoh and it got covered on TechCrunch.

As expected Techcrunch effect showed on our website with hits and registrations soaring up dramatically. Our excitement has gone up several notches after a very positive review and getting on Techcrunch. If you are not aware of how many pitches Techcrunch receives, read this post by Guy Kawasaki.

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Dekoh a new platform for RIA on the desktop announced today

Press Release | San Jose, CA. | February 21, 2007.

Pramati announces Dekoh, a new desktop platform for applications that can deliver integrated experience of web and desktop

Out-of-the-box the platform provides web 2.0 features like tagging, sharing and commenting features. Soon to follow the release will be Dekoh personal media applications.

Pramati Technologies today announces its plan to launch Dekoh a new platform for applications that bring an integrated experience of the web and the desktop.

So far Desktop applications and web applications were built and deployed as silos. Desktop applications are usually written OS specific and offer richer user interface. Web applications are accessed through web browsers. They require Internet connectivity and user data uploaded or saved on websites. Collaborating and sharing data is easy in web applications.

Dekoh brings the unique benefits of desktop and web together. Dekoh platform consists of Dekoh Desktop and Dekoh Network.

Dekoh Desktop is a small footprint download that can be installed on user’s desktop in a single click. Dekoh Desktop includes a web server on which applications written using open standards like JSP, Ajax, DHTML, Flash can be deployed and accessed thru a web browser. Applications deployed on Dekoh Desktop are automatically enabled for web 2.0 functions like tagging, sharing, commenting, rating, etc.

Dekoh Network allows controlled sharing of applications or content on the web. A user can share application/content on his or her desktop with a buddy, who can go to and access it. The key thing to note is that the user is not required to upload different kind of content to different websites. Instead, the shared content and applications remain on the desktop and are served from there.

Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati says, “Dekoh bridges the big divide between Desktop and the Web. Using browser-based applications seamlessly when offline or online is a compelling value. Writing desktop applications using the same web standards like Java™, AJAX, DHTML, Flash, and PHP is exciting for developers”.

Initial release of Dekoh will include the platform and media applications for Photos and Music. An alpha release of Dekoh is expected in a few weeks. A public beta is expected in April of this year. Dekoh software will be free and open sourced. It will available at

Vijay Pullur
San Jose, CA
Tel – (408) 435 2700
Fax – (408) 435 2703
Email – vijay(at)
Web –

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